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CV013, 300mA AC-DC Adaptor

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size: 6.50 W × 9.00 H × 3.25 L
Inner Case: 12pcs
Master Case: 24pcs
UPC: 602846710138
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  • 300 mA A/C to D/C adaptor
  • Use in 120V 60 Hz 12V
  • Output DC Volts: 1.5/3.0/4.5/6.0/7.5/9.0/12.0 Volts.
  • Easy switch to select Negative and Positive.
  • Click-on adjustable voltage conversion.
  • Universal adapter for use with all major brand equipment.
  • UL Certified

Compatible with: Calculators, Audio Devices, Cordless Phones and Computer Accessories

  • Properly determine the output voltage setting of the electrical device by checking the rating plate or the total voltage of the batteries being used.
  • Set the selector switch to the proper voltage that has been determined.
  • Determine which of six adaptor plugs included will best fit the external power supply jack.
  • Check polarity of the external power jack of the device to determine the tip polarity of the adaptor plug (see diagram)
  • Align the proper polarity mark (either “-NEG.” or “+POS.”) with the appropriate polarity mark on the adaptor jack, then connect the plug to electrical device. If it does not operate, disconnect the adaptor IMMEDIATELY and review instructions shown above.