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KL11002RS, 2-Pack 100W Frosted Light Bulbs Medium Base Dimmable

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size: 4.50 W × 4.50 H × 2.88 L
Master Case: 54pcs
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2-A19 HEAVY DUTY Rough Service Light Bulbs

  • 130V
  • 950 Lumens

What are they?

Rough service lamps are designed to be resistant to vibration and other external stresses that can damage the filament of a regular lamp, causing failure. They are available in variety of wattages and finishes. They are known for their durability and long life as compared to regular incandescent bulbs.

How do they work?

Rough service lamps function identically to regular incandescent lamps, but generally have additional wire within the glass enclosure that serves to protect and support the filament.

What are they used?

Rough service lamps are ideal for use in any area where bumps, shocks, or vibrations are a primary concern. Some examples would be garage door openers, lamps near machinery, lamps near doors that slam regularly, or those used anywhere else where early failure is an issue due to harsh usage.


  • This Rough Service Bulb gets hot, allow time for bulb to cool down.
  • Turn off electrical power before installing or removal.